What is the Meaning of Life?

“Guru, what is the meaning of life?”

If I had penny for every time I’ve been asked that question… (I do have a very large penny collection since the penny dropped!)

I don’t mind taking the time to explain the meaning of life to anyone, but it’s usually when I have to be somewhere or am running late for an appointment that someone will come to me needing an explanation. I’ll often have to say “I’m sorry, I’m in a bit of a hurry this morning and only have a few minutes, and I simply can’t explain the meaning of life to you in just a few short minutes. Please come back this afternoon when I have a free half hour to explain this to you.”

It always surprises me how many people actually return for the answer later that day!

I’m always too busy meditating and keeping appointments to ponder the meaning of life, but a lot of people seem to prefer questioning life rather than learning by experience and living it.

Anyway, the meaning of life is quite a long winded thing and I only have a few minutes to write this chapter so I will tell you the abridged version as given to me by my Great Guru “Saya Data Gain” just before he ducked out to an appointment.

“Karma Gain, the meaning of life is irrelevant, you must learn to ask the right question or at least phrase the wrong question correctly. Ask your wrong question again in this way “Does my life have meaning?” If you ask the question in this way there’s no need to be bothering me, you can go away now and answer that one yourself.”

So you see the short answer is much easier to work with and you don’t need a Guru to answer it for you. One day when I have a little more time to collect my penny from all of you, I will discuss the meaning of life more fully. In the meantime go about your business as usual and be positive. Try not to worry over life, since it has a way of coming and going as it pleases. If everybody treated life like a cat instead of a dog there would be a lot less stress about where it was going.

Guru Karma Gain is an imaginary friend of the writer Kay Sharp ©2015

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