Don’t become an Accidental Bully.

I am writing a special chapter today especially for all the people in the world who have been subjected to schoolyard, workplace, or internet bullying. If your life has been a constant battering of hurtful words, violence, financial swindling, personal humiliation and other group mind tactics, you are not alone; there are many, many other tormented souls subject to the collective misuse of power called bullying.

I am writing this chapter for you, fellow brothers and sisters of humanity, but I will be addressing my words to those who inflict their unworthy and least self upon other little children of our world.

To cease being a bully or even accidentally becoming a bully there are a few simple rules to avoid this ego trap. The best way to achieve a fast and lasting result is to meditate sincerely on the following mantras of peace. Strong magnetic attraction to goodness can be achieved everyday by placing these little mantras underneath your Om fridge magnet. For an added boost to your memory, tie a small piece of string to your little finger in the shape of an infinity symbol, (some call this a bow) not a granny knot as they are geometrical non conformists and very hard to untie.

 Mantras of Peace.

  1. I will not stand on the head of anyone.
  2. I will not kick anyone.
  3. I will not torment anyone.
  4. I will not join any groups who stand on the heads, kick or torment people.
  5. I will not create a group who stand on the heads, kick or torment people.
  6. I will not judge as unworthy any people who have their heads stood on, are kicked or tormented.
  7. I will not judge myself worthy for standing on heads, kicking or tormenting people.
  8.  I will defend anyone who has their heads stood on, is being kicked or tormented.

Some bullies will find it very hard at first to cease behaving in their old ways and may have a powerful and negative reaction to these peace mantras that could include: anger and shouting.

Some bullies may even desire to form a gang and poke the writer with a very large stick, (a subject previously discussed in my chapter titled “Who is the Culprit in Today’s Little Drama?) whilst jumping up and down on my head – please don’t do any of these things, but instead refer yourself again to the mantras of peace, reciting them until I have had time to find a safe place to hide until all this blows over.

Guru Karma Gain is an imaginary friend of the writer Kay Sharp ©2015

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