No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Many years ago, when I was still very young, I visited an astrologer of some local repute. He studied my natal chart for some time and finally gave me the long awaited forecast.

“Karma Gain, you shall live a long and interesting life. You shall travel the world sharing your wisdom with all who will listen carefully to you and they must listen carefully to you to understand what you are saying. Your destiny is to live a life of great devotion to God and also to help those in need.

Your stars also foretell that many people who seek your help will not return your kindness and you will not be taken seriously. You will live a humble life, forced to accept the slaps of God’s adversary through his many guises on Earth. It seems for you young Karma Gain that no good deed goes unpunished!”

So it was with one short paragraph, God, the editor of my horoscope had reduced my life to a rejection slip! I walked away from my reading that day a little uncertain about that astrologer, maybe he wasn’t as good as everyone said he was? In need of more guidance, I mentioned my doubts to my Guru and was relieved when he nodded in agreement.

“Karma Gain, do not trouble yourself over that astrologer, he’s popular with the locals, but when I look at him, I see he just has stars in his eyes.”

Once again my Master’s wisdom shone through the darkness and illumed that which I needed to see. How could any astrologer see my future, much less where he was going with stars in his eyes?

I suggest all of my readers check for signs of this affliction in their astrologer before having a personal chart cast.

Having stars in the eyes is quite a common malady for astrologers and almost as dangerous for the vision as staring at the Sun. I once took an eye chart to an astrologer, assuring myself that if he could read the letters on the chart he would not have stars in his eyes. When I held the chart up for the astrologer to read, he squinted, went slightly cross eyed and shrugged. When I questioned him he told me the chart could not be read at this time because the Moon was void of course. Trusting his greater knowledge in these things and not wishing to appear ignorant I agreed the Moon was Void – of course!

I am no longer a young, impressionable student seeking knowledge of my life everywhere but within. I’ve found through life’s trials that no good deed goes unpunished on Earth. Equally I have found that no good deed on Earth goes unrewarded in the temple of Heaven. For every rejection and misery encountered on the path to kindness, an Angel is counting and never loses a single deed.

As I’m warning the reader of occupational hazards on the spiritual path, spare a thought for the Accounting Angels. How wearying it must be running after the souls of Earth for all eternity, tallying good and bad deeds while trying to keep the columns straight and maintaining a legible hand.

My Guru’s, old Guru (not old because he has a new one, but old because he was very old) whose name was Sedit had a great deal of trouble with his celestial accountant. His counting Angel decided in the interests of better time management and productivity to cease following behind Guru Sedit. To the accountant’s mind developed by this Angel over millennia, it seemed more streamlined to pre-empt all future movements.

The Angel was several years ahead of the old Guru in his accounts before anyone caught on. It also wasn’t helpful that all Guru Sedit’s future actions had been recorded as good deeds. This left the old Guru in the uncomfortable position of living up to the Angels bookkeeping. Guru Sedit questioned the Angel (who was very sure of himself) and the Angel replied that nothing the old Guru did was bad…ever. He had to be replaced with a less ambitious Angel.

Guru Karma Gain is an imaginary friend of the writer Kay Sharp ©2015

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