The Wisdom Of The Sages Is Great.

The wisdom of the sages is great, but also very, very confusing to anyone who is not a sage. Of the many shared foibles that true sages possess, the most frustrating is the inability to answer a straight question with a translatable answer.

Once when I was still a student at the feet of my great Guru, Saya Data Gain I asked him if he could foretell my future and see who I would become. Placing his hand benevolently upon my head my Guru sighed and shook his head in great sadness “Karma Gain you are not who you are today, now go from me until you have become who you are again.”

Stunned and confused by such a frightening rejection by my Master I ran into the jungle and cried until the tears could no longer flow. That evening I slept alone in the darkness with this unwanted stranger I had become.

In the morning, still confused and unhappy, I decided to return to my Guru and tell him I was who I am again even though I didn’t understand what that meant. Quietly I crept into my Master’s house and placed myself at the back of the large crowd that always formed around him. I set about making myself seem very small and was meditating on a veil of invisibility when my Guru called to me from the front of the room.

“Who is that sitting at the back? I can’t see you very clearly.”

“It is I, Karma Gain my Guru.”

“Oh so it is, you have returned Karma Gain…do you now see who you have become?

Did I see? No, not for a very long time, not until I had grown into a man and was indeed Karma Gain, but you see now how confusing a sage can be to anyone except another sage?

My young life was blessed by the company of many saints and sages and I grew to appreciate their pure intentions which were all I had to go by for many years until I learned to speak their language. In time I discovered I’d also acquired an unusual side effect from spending so much time in the presence of these holy sages. To my great joy, I also possessed an unfailing inability to answer a straight question with a translatable answer!

Did you know if you put true sages of any faith together they will immediately form a huddle and you will notice as they speak quietly amongst themselves there is a lot of smiling, back patting and head nodding. True sages are always in agreement when it comes to the basic underlying truths of God. This is how you can detect a true sage from an untrue sage, true sages huddle in agreement, untrue sages always commence with a scrum.

Guru Karma Gain is an imaginary friend of the writer Kay Sharp ©2015

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