How To Crack The Safe Of Heaven.

If you possess the combination to a safe you can open it easily, but without the combination you must resort to guesswork, skulduggery or high quality explosives. High quality doesn’t mean more bang for your buck in this instance, because when seeking to access treasure one must be careful not to blow it all to Kingdom come! So it is with seeking God, only the very few are born already holding the combination code to the doors of Heaven, everybody else must devise their own ways of seeking access.

This is where things can sometimes go terribly wrong with people shaking their fists, yelling and even cursing God as though he owes them one big apology and needs to come down out of the clouds and fix everything that he has gotten wrong in their lives.

If people were to cease thinking of God as out of reach, a sacred object locked away in a bank vault somewhere and to see him more as a flat pack project yet to be assembled, there would be much less confusion about who to blame and how to get hold of him in an emergency.

The flat pack comes with everything required to put it together in the form described on the packaging. The flat pack also comes with all the necessary tools, screws, nuts and bolts to complete the project. Assuredly many will misread the instructions putting pieces together wrongly and ending up with left over parts and assuredly many, like failed safe crackers will shake their fists while yelling and cursing God. The difference is they can see very clearly, even while yelling, fist shaking and cursing that they and not God have gotten their flat pack wrong.

When these foiled handymen are finished stomping and the blotchiness has left their faces, a sense of calm will begin to envelope them. At that moment of calm resignation, they will either incorrectly assert they have been given a dud, or they will take their project apart and start again with more patience. Going back through past actions will show them the errors they have created while putting together their Suspension Bridge. These errors are often very simple things like a missed girder or a concrete pylon and many will realise how easy it is to put it all together once they read the instructions more carefully.

So it is with opening the gates of Heaven – ask and ye shall receive, but do not blame. Blame does not seek help and so can never receive it.

Guru Karma Gain is an imaginary friend of the writer Kay Sharp ©2015

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