The Spiritual Path Is Something Lost People Stumble Onto

The spiritual path is something lost people stumble onto. Lost people, running willy-nilly through the jungle of emotional entanglements, getting themselves more and more lost. There are millions of these lost people running through the jungle, day and night crying in despair, being cut and wounded by the thoughtless brambles of other lost people hurting them as they run by, crying in despair through the same jungle.

Tigers and other wild creatures are also a very real fear in the jungle and running does seem to help with that. I have tried running in the dense undergrowth myself, but even with fear of Tigers, it’s very hard going running in the jungle. Nobody can do it for very long before exhaustion overcomes all that arm waving and headlong running. Yet it’s necessary to be exhausted and despondent, unable to go any further, it’s necessary to throw ones arms to the heavens and say “I give up.” Only then in pure surrender can a glimmer of light flicker through the darkness of the vines.

Suddenly a path will appear to the lost person, as if by some magical hand. It would seem a miracle to the one suffering and dying at its edges, but no miracle has occurred. The path, only then discovered by the weary traveller has always been right where it is, it hasn’t moved or altered its course. The path cannot change its course for anyone, why you may ask? Well where ever have you seen a path lift itself up and move to another location? No! The spiritual path is constant and unchanging and when walked or even run with arms waving will take all lost people to what or who they are seeking.

Do not be lost in the jungle anymore, seek to understand the damage you are causing to yourself and others and to that poor overrun and trampled jungle. Your way is ahead of you, and please don’t follow the people heading back in the wrong direction down that spiritual path as that’s a whole other problem which needs to be addressed.

The confusion about the right and wrong way to travel has a lot to do with people misinterpreting and misreading the signs. For example, the fundamentalists of every belief system are all walking in the same wrong direction! How can that be when they are all in complete disagreement with each other? I can’t really explain, it’s a total mystery, but it is nice to see them all finally having something in common.

It seems that lots of people get confused by the signs along the way and complaints have been lodged many, many times by many of those people, but it will probably be an eternity before anything gets done.

So in the meantime, remember the spiritual path is not a one way street, there are two destinations. If you travel without deviation in either direction, your true self, the one you had lost and were seeking will ultimately be revealed.

The great spiritual maxim “it’s a jungle out there!” is so profound it has been preserved and passed down through my lineage. Remembered as the first words spoken by an early survivor stumbling onto the spiritual path it is often found engraved on doorways or stamped onto begging bowls.

Guru Karma Gain is an imaginary friend of the writer Kay Sharp ©2015
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