Who is the Culprit in Today’s little Drama?

There are many ways to pass the time on Earth, it’s only a short sojourn, yet the human mind demands to be occupied lest it become bored. There must be a play and in the play there is always a villain, but who is the culprit in today’s little drama, is it a friend, a lover, a stranger, or is it you? Whoever the culprit, there must also be a just punishment or an exoneration of guilt at the end of the play or nobody will be satisfied with the ending.

Provoke a wild creature with a stick and it will retaliate at that stick and not the person holding it, just as a bull will focus its rage upon the cloak and not the Matador – this doesn’t work so well with wasps (canny and violent little creatures) and I suggest you not experiment with that. Yet there must be a culprit, a target on which to affix all blame, everybody knows this, but who or what is to blame? Do we punish the stick or the whole tree, or perhaps we should punish the hand that holds the stick, or the shoulder, torso, body or brain? How far will our investigation lead us? Ultimately we could follow the trail all the way up the stairs of Heaven to God, the ultimate stick prodder – and it’s a little late to be whining and pointing fingers then isn’t it?
It is enough to understand that a play has many different roles and all have come to play their part. It is also enough to understand that each player is given the gift of free will to choose that part. All else, including sticks and cloaks are purely props. We are all actors in the same play and therefore will ever be victims of our own, or another’s bad acting.

Guru Karma Gain is an imaginary friend of the writer Kay Sharp ©2014

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