The Power of Persuasion.

Two men are staring at a building, one sees a barn, the other a church, the first man is a farmer, the second a priest, neither will be swayed to the others opinion. As they stand arguing another 100 people arrive for the service and together with the priest they manage to convince the farmer this is definitely a church. In utter defeat the farmer agrees to remove his cows.

So it is with the illusory nature of this world and how we perceive it. Everything we see or believe is based on consensus – the power of persuasion hand in hand with the power of numbers.  We must vote on everything or look to see what others are saying or doing, otherwise how would we ever know truth?

As a child a false belief in Santa Claus made you subject to his law. Do not end up on another illusory naughty list; instead distinguish what is really going on – if you seek your treasure with a tourist map you will never find gold and will be forced to stand up on that crowded tourist bus careening down wrong pathways. At the end of your journey what will be gained besides sore feet and an aching back? In following what others believe you will have gained the world and lost yourself, not to mention a nice warm place to keep the cows.

Guru Karma Gain is an imaginary friend of the writer Kay Sharp ©2014

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