There Are A Lot Of Superstitious People In The World.

It isn’t enough to simply stop thinking about what makes us unhappy, we should also stop throwing blame around so carelessly. Blame is a coward that must be bolstered by fear and ego. When we drag blame out and place it in the front line it heads straight for the trenches and digs in. Once blame has been established there’s very little anyone can do to remove it.

To blame is to regress into the powerlessness of frightened children. To accept responsibility for our own unhappiness requires us to first free the greatest and most popular scapegoat – God from the cowardly assertion that “someone or something else must have caused this.”

There are a lot of superstitious people in the world who see ill advised free will choices as bad fortune.

Many also believe prayer is like crossing the fingers – a meaningless gesture, but they pray anyway, just in case. Some believe prefacing a big lie with, “I swear by all that is holy” their lies will become truth. As an ostrich hides from fear in a hole, many think denying or blaming God will make him go away.

Incidentally, stepping on sidewalk cracks can also be quite ominous, but misery can be avoided if one concentrates!

If you ask God for Oranges, don’t expect him to juice them for you. If you ask God for a cow, don’t expect him to ride it for you! If you ask God for anything, you must expect to do some work. It’s your divine right to ask for assistance, but if Father won’t push the pram when you’re capable of walking, why spit the dummy?

The free will granted humanity would be at risk, if a conversation with God meant he would take care of everything. God is not a mollycoddler; he sees very clearly you’re capable of pushing your own pram, driving your own car, or flying your own plane – okay maybe not flying your own plane but you see where I’m going here. God also sees you’re not going to be back complaining to him as quickly if you have some work to do.

There is more to life than meets the eye, unless we are speaking of the third eye, because the third eye sees there is more to life than meets the other eyes. Life has more to concern itself with than fear or ego or blame, but for those who live as ants in an ant farm, there is nothing more. Ant people drive to work; they travel the same worn path to their destinations. They eat their lunch, they drive home, they watch television, and they sleep. Ants in glass farms don’t notice how mundane their limited world is, nor do they notice the goings on outside the glass wall of their existence. Those who are caught in the quicksand of a mundane existence will ever be mundane. Only those who rise above the conditioning of ant-hood can perceive the light and presence outside the glass.


Guru Karma Gain is an imaginary friend of the writer Kay Sharp ©2014

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