You’re The Bomb.

Did you know that if you hold your stomach in, you can appear thinner for a time and if you walk on tip toes you can appear taller? If balding, you could try growing your hair longer and flicking it over the bald spot. There are many tactics we can deploy to hide our flaws, but of course it’s only camouflage, and isn’t really fooling anyone. How can anyone be happy with their big backside or their buck teeth?

How can anyone enjoy driving the bomb God gave them when somebody else got the Porsche? The ego says: “It’s too much to ask that I be happy with so many flaws, if I was better looking and more charming I would be happier.”

The world is full of unhappy people, every morning they awaken and look for their misery. Before they even put a foot on the floor, they are grumbling, before they finish breakfast they are sad, before they arrive at work they are miserable inside. Do you know how many unhappy people are talking to themselves at this very moment? A lot, that’s how many! Do you know what all those people are saying?

I’m too fat/I’m too thin.

I’m too old /I’m too young.

I’m lonely/I never get time to spend alone.

I’m invisible/everybody is looking at me.

Nobody loves me/everybody makes demands of me.

I’m not special enough/everybody expects so much of me”.

You see? They’re all the same thoughts, every brain comparing, complaining, chiding, endlessly unhappy. The power of the human mind is immeasurable; it belongs to the consciousness of eternity and possesses the ability to create and to destroy. In this we are truly made in the image of our God. But what are we doing with our Divine power? God doesn’t dwell upon the size of our feet or our derriere. What we dwell upon becomes our existence, for to dwell is to abide and to abide is to tolerate and accept. Every time a self defeating belief settles into our thoughts, we are defeated! Not thinking about a bald spot won’t make it go away, but it will surely leave mentally, and our mentality is the problem, not the bald spot.


Guru Karma Gain is an imaginary friend of the writer Kay Sharp ©2014

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