Ego Is A Fragile Creature With A Big Attitude.

Ego is a fragile creature with a big attitude. Ego is never content. If ego sees it’s being undervalued it will set about boasting to get attention: “I am the biggest, I am the best.” If ego sees it’s not good enough it will set about boasting to get attention: “I am the smallest, I am the least.” Listening to ego is boring, all that whining and insincerity is enough to make eternity seem a very long time.

We’re playing a game of shadows on life’s wall, first we see a rabbit, and then it’s a horse, now it’s something that looks a bit like a dog. None of these creatures exist outside the conjuring power of our minds, what we are observing is simply the play of shadows and light. The ego is like a shadow creature looming high upon the light of our consciousness.

Ego is the toy of fear, but fear is a bad word, it frightens people. When the soul pays attention to ego, what it really heeds is fear – to be free of fear release ego. Of course, the ego is not going to let you go so easily, being the front for another operator.

Releasing ego is like shaking bubble gum from the heel of a shoe – it’s stuck there pretty good.

To release ego means living without negative or positive attachments to the bubble gum, to the shoe, or to the foot inside the shoe. Ego wants to make everything win or lose, but neither win or lose is what’s really going on. What’s really going on? Something more important that’s what’s really going on! We’ll get to the meaning of existence in another chapter, right now we’re dealing with a trouble maker.

To practice the simplicity of non ego living, perceive bubble gum on the shoe as bubble gum on the shoe:

“Oh, look, bubble gum on my shoe.”

Fear’s toy, ego would have the pure reality of bubble gum on the shoe perceived as the end of the world: “I have bubble gum on my shoe, I am so unlucky, why doesn’t anything good happen to me?” “I have bubble gum on my shoe, if I get my hands on the loser who dropped that there…”

How powerful bubblegum can be! How fragile the ego, defeated by a little gum? Even with a little gum on the shoe it’s possible to journey beyond comparison, jealousy, competitiveness, low self esteem, or pride to what’s really going on. Get below the radar of ego to perceive pure consciousness, and fear will lose its power. Then the shoe will be on the other foot!

I used to have a very big ego. Everything that happened to me mattered a lot, it mattered enough to keep me awake nights talking to myself about it. When things happened to me it was because I had been very, very good, or very, very bad. There was no other explanation for the sufferings or joys of my existence beyond punishment or reward, good or evil win or lose. I saw my life as a great success, then as a great failure, I saw myself as a terrible victim, and a horrible perpetrator, I was lost in the illusion of what my Master, Saya Data Gain called the Bounce. He told me that all unrealised human souls, are destined to bounce from one circumstance to the next, sometimes good and happy, sometimes bad and unhappy, bouncing through life like a basketball.

I was a basketball with an attachment to wins and losses at this stadium called life. My Master brought me to the realisation that the ball is not the game. The game is designed for the ball and so the basketball should not involve itself in win or lose, it should only concern itself with being a basketball – its sole purpose is to be that! Thus the human spirit is not the ego, and should not concern itself with the goings on of such a bad loser, or boorish winner! The human spirit’s purpose is to be that!


Guru Karma Gain is an imaginary friend of the writer Kay Sharp ©2014

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