Why is it, the most sensitive and caring people are usually the saddest? Why are the loving and gentle hearts generally the ones that end up with emotional issues, depression and addictions? If you’re lonely, sad, and unsure what to do to make yourself feel better, all is not lost. Remember, only a caring person would feel such isolation from a seemingly uncaring world.

We live in a time of ‘outward’ appearances, and ‘appearances’ would have us believe, that everybody else has it together. Everybody else is leading much better lives. If appearances have you believing you’ve failed, because you’re down on your luck, or are alone at the moment, don’t despair. Your sadness is only your heart trying to get your attention. Listen to it, it has a valuable message for you. It’s saying ‘nurture you.’

Let go of the need to be on top of everything for now. Let go of trying to always be a good person, or of doing for others continually. Let go of recriminations, self loathing, and guilt. Let go of the sorrow encasing your heart, and commence to treat yourself respectfully. Be as kind and polite to yourself, as you would naturally be to any stranger. If it’s nothing to be kind and thoughtful to those you don’t know, how much more important is it to respect your sensitivity, and honour who you are?

Loneliness forms a wall of self defeating beliefs. You cannot grasp the new when you’re still holding onto the past. Let it go! Have faith in the knowledge you’re never truly alone, and that this time will pass. Our pain always carries within it, the seeds of our healing. Be kind to you. Nothing you could possibly have done, deserves the self betrayal of ceasing to honour your divine right to be here. You have been handmade with great love and care, by a far better judge of your true worth. You exist, you have been gifted the wings of life, and you are flying.

Kay Sharp. ©2005

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