Spirit Song

“Yesterday is Gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
Mother Theresa.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”
Henry David Thoreau.

“I have a dream.”
Rev. Martin Luther King Jnr.

What is our spirit song? It is who we are inside, the part of us that can only be expressed when we summon the courage to live our dreams. Our song, is the realised desire to be fully who we are in spirit, here on the physical plane. Here we can build, we can create whatever our souls desire. We’ve all come with this purpose, but sadly, most of us will pass from the world without fully realising ourselves. How do we get blown so far off course, we lose sight of our dreams? How do our lives end up unfulfilled, when we start with such hopeful expectations? In his poem ‘Emerging’ Pablo Neruda writes:

“A man says yes without knowing how to decide even what the question is, and is caught up, and is carried along And never again escapes from his own cocoon; And that’s how we are, forever falling Into the deep well of other beings…”

Yes, those pesky other beings! How we let them rule us, and how we sometimes rule them. Beware then, fellow dreamers, of the negative responses of fearful people. To actualise a dream is to risk. It requires a leap of faith that very few are prepared to take. Dreams cost money, time, and resources, and they require a dedication to task that’s rarely noticed by anyone else. Even sharing our aspirations requires risk. It can be soul destroying to have a long cherished dream shot down in flames by a ‘well intentioned’ friend, and yet, how often do we keep the dream and lose the friend? Detractors do not want us to succeed.

The second wave of dream destroyers readily appear, armed with knowledge and greater wisdom, when problems arise in the dream building process. Human nature is such, that when you’re rowing a boat, it’s usually the person with no oars in the water yelling advice from the bank. Detractors do not risk themselves.

The third and final onslaught is a double whammy of comparison, with that turncoat, ‘personal doubt’, riding shotgun with the detractors: A small boy builds a kite with his own hands, and takes it to the beach with his friends. He’s so happy, running along the shore with his kite, until his friends point out the much larger, fancier kites flying nearby. Suddenly, his kite doesn’t look so great anymore, in fact, he begins to feel ashamed of his efforts, and pulls it in. Later, when no one’s looking, he destroys the kite, telling himself it’s a silly past time he’s outgrown. His ‘friends’ didn’t notice how easily the smaller kite manoeuvred in the wind, or how well the little boy had flown it. Comparison destroys our dreams.

If we could hold the truth of our existence always, before the discerning gaze of our spirit, we would understand, all we ‘do’ in this world, our jobs, our mortgages, our routines, are but the structures we nail together to frame our inner light. They are the pages on which our music may be written, but they are not the song.

There will always be some in our world who try to tear down what others are building, but our visions can be realised, and faith in ourselves rewarded, if we stay true to our song. Remember, God never puts a dream in our souls without providing us with the tools, the willpower and the capacity to see it through. May Heaven’s love, courage, and blessings surround your dreams.

Kay Sharp. ©2005

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