Strong Enough


“What doesn’t destroy us makes us stronger.”

Yes, this is one way of looking at our lives, but what if the way we look at our lives is misdirection? Let’s try that statement another way : “We are stronger than anything that doesn’t succeed in destroying us.” The mettle was already in us, it just hadn’t been tested.

So many of us go about our lives, waiting to become who we’re meant to be, when in reality we’re already there. It’s easier to be forgetful than to remember our place in the Universe.

We are the holy flowers of God. It doesn’t matter if we are a seed, or a tender shoot, or if we are past the fresh bloom, within us is always and will always be, this unchanging core to our being.

So how do we arrive at the realisation of our flower essence, when looking around we see only weeds?
1. We can assume we are also a weed ( self defeating belief )
2. We can assume we are the only flower in the field (ego in need of small deflating device called ‘pin’ ).
3. We can perceive the underlying beauty that is within all creation ( we are no less at our core for the name calling ).

Believing we are on our way to becoming something better, is a magician’s trick. We use sleight of mind and ignore the strength and inner knowing within us at this present moment. Personal responsibility is a little too grown up. It’s easier to walk into unhealthy situations, because accepting we know better before we make the choice, requires us to walk our talk.

Life is full of good people, and bad people, and good/bad people and bad/good people. Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you who they believe they are, and who they believe other people to be. We are a field of flowers with amnesia, growing, blooming and dying together, forgetful of our beauty.

Kay Sharp. ©2009

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