Earth Bound Spirits

“There are myriad ways the spirit realms interact with the Earth plane. Often these are the signs and messages we receive through prayer and meditation, or from our loved ones in spirit, but there are also communications that aren’t friendly.

Everyone has at least one spooky anecdote to share. The traditional tales of footsteps down corridors, doors that open and close by themselves, and all manner of things that ‘go bump in the night.’

Some will explain the cold chills as a draught, and the sensation of being held down, or sat on as a bad dream they struggled to waken from. A little harder perhaps to deny is the sensation of being watched, or the feeling of an invisible ‘presence,’ or dark shadows moving around an unlit bedroom at night.

Many people are afraid to talk about these experiences for fear of being ridiculed, or accused of being mentally unsound, but these stories are far from uncommon. In my work as a medium I often encounter people who are struggling with aggressive, spiritual phenomenon.

There are many different forms of energy in the spirit world. Not all spirits are human, and not all human spirits are kind. When you consider the variance in human souls, ranging from saints to cold blooded killers, the question may be asked, where do we go when the human body dies? Generally speaking, the kinder souls move quickly into the light and ‘cross over’, but the harder ones that hurt others often stay connected to the Earth plane.

There are many reasons why spirits choose to stay here. Often it’s a fear of being judged for what they’ve done while on Earth. Sometimes the darker souls have made contracts with demonic energies that they believe must be fulfilled upon death. There are also souls who are lost or confused due to sudden traumatic deaths, or through mental illness that has caused confusion in their spirit body.

Lower energies often attach to people with addictions, or emotional problems, and to people who dabble in the occult without understanding the ramifications of spiritual law, and how it is binding on all humans and spirits. How do you defend yourself if you don’t know your legal rights?

To deny the existence of an invisible reality leaves people with little defence against it. As entities can attach to objects, places and people, even healthy people can become victims of spiritual visitation, or attack, simply by being in possession of an ‘infected’ object, or by moving house. It’s a good idea to trust your vibes when purchasing or renting a space, and to clear and claim any new space before moving in.

(If you’d like to know more on this subject, I’ve written a booklet on spiritual self defence using the safe and loving tools of prayer and spiritual ritual. Available at The Venerable Hermit $15.00).

Kay Sharp. ©2010

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