Melody Of Life

Some of the more common questions I’m asked during a reading are: Where am I going? What should I be doing? Am I on the right path? Without this inner questioning, we would never rise from the mire of human existence into full recognition of the eternal self.

We’ve each come to the Earth plane to sing one individual note of a unified song. Each note is perfect, but alone can never make the melody achieved when all our singular striving is harnessed to the spirit of other human beings. We are all given the choice of whether to assist in the harmony of our world, or to play a discordant note that affects the beauty of surrounding ones. Uncertainty and lack of direction occur when we abandon the heart’s calling due to the distraction of Earthly concerns.

When we simply pay bills, drive kids to school, work and sleep, we’ve allowed our attention to slip into the mundane. In meditation, prayer, or in receptivity to nature, we often sense an accord with all things, a profound peace that tells us we are part of something more than what we are usually perceiving. It doesn’t matter what our life’s calling will be, or if we ever have one. It doesn’t matter how great or small our worldly achievements. We come into the world with nothing but our innocence, and must make the journey of birth and death alone.

The purpose of every life is to witness joy and suffering and grow in understanding. To feel pain and turn from bitterness to compassion, to experience grief and become kinder for the loss within. Our path is to perceive fully the melody of life, and to contribute to its song, and to leave the world as we entered it, fuller for the experience, and with our innocence intact.

Kay Sharp. ©2010

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