The Art Of Giving

Christ taught renunciation, Buddha taught non attachment, all the great religions use similar terms.
Basically they’re saying – there can be no inner freedom when we’re chained to worldly concerns or possessions. To grasp the underlying message of non attachment requires honesty.
The act of giving should come from the highest place within us, but attachment to personal possessions or material outcomes often overrides any selflessness in the act.

Most people consider it an act of generosity to donate to goodwill, but as much as these items are of great value to the recipient, there is no great sacrifice for the giver.
Usually the items gifted are no longer needed, or tragically, (gauging by some of the items left at charity bins) are in need of resuscitation with the paddles (CLEAR!)

To understand renunciation/non attachment, and the art of selfless giving, practice gifting something you personally treasure. The rules of play are as follows: The gift must be something you don’t wish to part with.
The giving should be a spontaneous gesture, not planned or mentally argued about prior to the giving (should I, shouldn’t I?)

It must be given with joy and without any sense of personal loss.
It should be given to someone outside the circle of friends and loved ones.
It mustn’t have strings of any kind attached (emotional or monetary).
It must be given out of generosity of spirit, and not from spiritual pride.
The deep waters of total selflessness are only for the very dedicated few, but random acts of giving need only a moment of certainty to flower in all our lives.
I wish everyone a joyful and loving Christmas season.

Kay Sharp. ©2012

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