2013-The Number 6

The New Year is almost here, heralding a change of energy from 2012 – the number 5, to 2013, the number 6 (add the digits of 2013 together to create a single number: 6).

The energy of 5 can be quite disruptive, as its force is a motivator designed to break up the rigid, imperial energy of the previous 4 year (2011). 5’s theme is: “the challenge to change” and we saw the powerful force of 4 and 5 headline over the past 2 years, in world events such as planetary civil unrest culminating in the overturn of Governments, and public protests in the United States over financial inequality.
The planetary activism of this period can be seen as the revolt against the unyielding 4 energy of 2011, followed by disruptive and creative change of 5/2012.)

We’re now moving into the positive power of 6, which is a uniting number consisting of both masculine and feminine energy.

6 is the number of love, service and health, and we will see some planetary testing of these areas in the months to come.
We will all be called on this year to go the extra mile, donating financially to charities, assisting with health services, or those in physical or emotional need, as these needs will become more urgent.
This year requires that we all become more aware of the state of humanity outside the safety of our own communities.
As 6 is also the number of man, (the human race) it demands personal responsibility be accepted for stewardship of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

The power of 6 can only be used positively when it strives for wholeness.
The shadow aspect of the 6 energy is victimhood, blame and martyrdom.
On a personal level we can all assist, by caring more actively for the less fortunate of our world, by asking what can I do, and following through by doing it.
We all have something to contribute, no matter how small.
I leave you with the words of the mighty activist – Mother Theresa: “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”

Kay Sharp. ©2012

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