Energy Fields

Energy fields are invisible, but personal energy fields or auras emit the signature of our state of consciousness at any moment.
Angry people have angry energy fields; happy people have happy energy fields.
Covering emotions rarely works, because others can sense the disparity between energy and action.
Some people, because they radiate positive energy or vibes, give everyone they connect to a sense of wellbeing, while others who radiate negative energy leave those in their company drained, depressed or angry.

We are more than our words and our deeds; we are the hidden motivation behind our words and deeds.
People who are reviled as “do gooders” aren’t despised for their deeds, but for the undercurrents surrounding their motivations.
A good deed done from a position of superiority, or for reward or respect is a deed that’s not necessarily good.
A person who is charming and complimentary, offering support that should make the recipient feel great, but instead creates a feeling of unease, is also exuding their true motivation within their aura.

Loving relationships require a reaching out from within, rather than an external imitation.
Ultimately we’re all pretending at some things – playing at liking someone, covering fears and insecurities with bravado, hiding jealousy to appear easygoing, saying yes when we mean no, going along with everything just to fit in.

To possess a powerful energy field is to be in the flow of magnetism that creates positive change in all it connects to.
To increase psychic ability and communication skills, become fully conscious of the underlying conversation (your vibe and other people’s) in other words – not what’s being said, but what’s being felt.
For further reading an excellent book on this subject is Exploring Auras by Susan Schumsky.

Kay Sharp. ©2013

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