In the confessional of strangers

Hairdressers and nail technicians make great confidantes, so do barman and barmaids (incidentally, nobody tells parking inspectors or phone canvassers their secrets).
Why do some trades and vocations hold an air of the confessional?
I would have to say it comes down to the elements of time and empathy.
Humans take time to get to know other humans, and in connecting find commonalities that allow for relating.
Often problems and issues can’t be aired or discussed with the people concerned because there’s just too much water under the bridge.
Confiding in strangers allows anonymity while releasing the sense of alienation that troubles can bring.
Perhaps too there’s less expectancy compared to discussing problems with a priest, doctor, counsellor or clairvoyant.
Nobody expects the hairdresser or the man serving them drinks to fix their problems, they’re simply an ear.
There are many different kinds of healers in the world, all sharing an abiding connection to humanity and life.
This said it must also be recognised that Priests don’t save every soul, Doctors don’t cure every patient, Counsellors don’t resolve every issue, and Clairvoyants don’t possess the all seeing eye of personal destiny – we do what we can.
Ultimately the onus of healing belongs to each individual soul taking solace where it may be found but remembering always that solace in other people is a respite and not an abode.

Kay Sharp. ©2013

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