Full Circle

An artist once told me that God was in love with the sphere.
Everywhere in his creation we find examples of his passion for rounds and curves.
The planets, suns and moons, the ripples in a pond, the curve of a bird’s wing, the wind held captive in a sail.
Even our frowns and smiles and eyebrows follow the curve.
A walk through any forest will reveal how few squares there are in nature.
God simply loves spheres, and he follows his theme up (in case we weren’t really getting it) with cycles.
The cycles of the seasons, the orbits of our planets around the Sun, the cycles of the ocean tides and even life and death, through the process of decay and renewal, form repetitive loops.
Why would a God so in love with the repetition of cycles bother to fashion the basic particles of his universe into unique and separate identities?
I don’t know, but while humanity is questioning the meaning of its existence, God is busily creating a billion, trillion, authentic, bona fide, original snowflakes.
Some will fall gently on the curve of our questioning heads, but most will fall unseen melting and returning to the simplicity of water.

Kay Sharp. ©2013

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