Duty or Devotion

“Whatever I am offered in devotion with a pure heart, a flower, fruit or water I accept with joy…” Bhagavad Gita.

It seems at any given time in history only a very few dedicated souls appear to be carrying most of the moral and spiritual weight of our world.
Many more turn away from their responsibilities, shirking even the smallest portion of the load.
Perhaps the problem is in how people view their responsibilities to each other and their shared world.
For most, only a sense of duty will summon the strength of character and courage necessary to defend the weak; live and work in poverty stricken countries; share of personal wealth and resources and work to maintain the freedom of all living things.
Duty is a fine word with some very fine outcomes, but the synonym for duty is “obligation”.
The dutiful are obliged to do something, but there are even rarer souls who have moved beyond the call of duty and are working purely from a sense of devotion, a word that implies a much deeper and more personal sense of connectedness.
Only a few ever appear in our world at one time, living and working in supreme humility yet permeating the world with a deeper sense of the divine – any wonder the synonym for devotion is love.

Kay Sharp. ©2013

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