Fate or Free Will?

Is an unhappy life fated by the instruments of bad karma or bad luck?

Or is it merely a garden overrun with the entangling vines of bad choices?

In the distant past man looked to the stars for signs of ill omen; dissected rabbits and read the entrails; threw bones upon the ground or cast the runes to seek their fate.
It would have always been simpler to follow the natural course of our free will choices.
If you wish to know the outcome of a life’s fortunes you must go to the seed of the tree.
The seed should be planted in good soil and it must be of the thing you desire to see grow.
There’s no use planting weeds and hoping roses bloom.
Any choices made for personal happiness that lack integrity cannot by their nature bring happiness, based as they are on desire or greed.
Life continually asks us to make choices, some inconsequential and some life altering, but all require an eye to detail.
Selling self or others out has a defining ring of justification to it – “I’m not this kind of person”/ “I’ve never done anything like this before” / “People do this kind of thing all the time” / “Ive had this done to me now it’s my turn.”
There’s much we can’t control in this world, namely acts of God and the free will choices of other human beings.
What we can control is who we will be during and at the close of this lifetime, it only requires an honest response to a few important questions:

Does this decision harm innocent people?

Can I weigh my decision against who I believe myself to be and feel satisfied?

Does my decision enrich and deepen the inherent good in my soul?

Kay Sharp. ©2013

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