The Divine Protection Work Book eBook

The Divine Protection Workbook

by Kay Sharp

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The Divine Protection Workbook

There is so much quiet suffering in our world. People go about their lives, silently enduring all kinds of emotional pain. Some things are too shameful to talk about, some experiences are too ‘Out there’ to discuss, even with the closest friends, or family.

For the most part we endure more in our lives than we ever heal or release. Perhaps it’s because on some level we think that our suffering is justified or deserved, or that talking about our fears will make them a reality.

I initially decided to write this workbook for my clients. I was reading continually for average, everyday people, who just couldn’t seem to get their lives beyond a sense of going through the motions. I was also discovering how many people were experiencing some form of spiritual visitation, oppression and even ( though much more rarely ) psychic attack.

Over the years, I’ve been asked the same basic questions repeatedly, and  I’ve spent a lot of time explaining the concepts in this workbook to people in need of the knowledge to help themselves.

To live completely in the world, without due care for the spirit living within the confines of a physical body, is to live in separation from our own personal connection to the Divine Source. This booklet is a starting point to developing the foundations of spiritual maturity, and personal strength that are required to lead a life free from psychic interference.

There are always spiritual solutions for spiritual problems. Using the power of prayer to defend against the darker elements, shouldn’t be thought of as being ‘religious,’ but as deepening our spiritual connection. As the great Hindu Yogi, Paramhansa Yoganananda often stated, there is a  difference between “ ‘churchianity’ and Christianity’’.

I’m not a churchgoer, but respect all sacred spaces. I use Christian prayers, but strongly believe there are ‘many rooms in my Father’s house’. I’ve felt the Divine presence in the writings of the great Hindu Masters, in Buddhism and in some of the world’s tribal beliefs. There are many paths to God, and any earnestly seeking soul is sure to encounter God in their heart.

I’m certain the tools in this book will be of value to those who use them with faith, because that is the true basis of all spiritual protection – absolute faith in the workings of higher good, and our right to call on that assistance whenever needed.

Love and blessings Kay Sharp.

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